We are committed to growth by exceeding the expectations of our associates, guests and partners.
Our Investment Strategy
We approach real estate investment with an entrepreneurial spirit and an owner’s perspective – investing our own capital alongside that of our private and institutional investors. We scrutinize each prospective opportunity in terms of the demand generators that drive the market – including corporate, leisure and residential growth. We analyze respective location values and property fundamentals – appreciating the impact of market cycles and timing, yet always mindful of the long-term and potential ROI.

By design, we focus on high-growth markets in the economically robust Southeast – a strategy that continues to give us a hedge against cyclical market fluctuations. We also believe in exploring new markets when the timing is right, as demonstrated by our expansion into the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and other desirable locations – again, always with a keen understanding of the markets and submarkets in which we compete, and our ever-present goal of maximizing cash flow and value for our investments. Increasingly, we are pursuing third-party construction and management contracts where we are confident we can profit.

While we seek and seize the best opportunities, it’s never with a herd mentality. Our constant concern is for the quality, versus the quantity, of our investment positions. As such, we believe in executing thorough due diligence, a sound business plan and fiscally responsible underwriting with every venture we undertake. Our investment strategy remains on solid ground, with a “will-to-win” resolve to increase value for our investors, partners, guests and associates alike.

“My firm has invested in Chartwell Hospitality since 2004, and now has an interest in more than 25 of its hotel properties. I find the entire Chartwell team to be extremely professional, dedicated and among the most knowledgeable I’ve met in the hotel business.”
Nick Newman, President and Founder
Soundview Real Estate Partners